Progress on “Helplessly Hoping”

I’m nearing completion on the second memoir, which I’ve entitled “Helplessly Hoping.”  Moving backwards in time from “It’s Their House; I’m Just a Guest,” this volume will focus on my relationship with my first wife Mara, and all the physical and mental issues she suffered through (or we suffered through together).

At the moment the text of the book is close to being finished.  I’ve edited it and had a few people read it through for ideas and suggestions.  The prospect of getting a literary agent or publisher interested in remains dim; memoirs are of little interest to either unless you’re famous.  I have a friend with much better design skills than me working on incorporating the illustration I provided into the book cover.  Once that’s complete, I’ll likely begin the process of publishing it.

When complete, it will be available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format, and effectively the paperback could be purchased elsewhere as well (Barnes & Noble or any retailer would be able to order it).

If you read it and enjoy it, I would only ask that you post a review on Amazon and any other site you think of (Goodreads, etc.) and tell two other people about it.  Word-of-mouth is the only way books like mine get read.


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